Thank You!


Sampson Ndikum is one of our recent nursing graduates and he is a huge believer in lifelong learning, whether through education or learning from life’s mistakes. All experiences teach us and can make us better if we let them. Sampson came to MCC for our Nursing program, and intends to complete his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and eventually pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner. 

“It’s ok to be scared; it’s ok to fail a couple of classes; it’s ok to say “I don’t know how to do things”. It’s OK! Start by taking baby steps, that’d be my advice. I guarantee you, as you continue to do the same thing over and over, you can literally do anything. Repetition is the motherhood of learning, so don’t give up. Follow your dreams!”


Yadira Garcilazo is a Media Design, Marketing, and Advertising student who is also studying Real Estate at MCC. She came to MCC as a Brush High School concurrent enrollment student and is now a part of our Sophomore Scholar program that pays for her 2nd year of college right out of high school. She will graduate with her Associate’s Degree in May one year out of high school with almost no cost to herself. 

Yadira is also a part of our work-study program where she is earning cash and work experience working for the MCC Marketing department while also leaving enough time for her class and study schedule. She is the Vice President of the Student Government Association and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.


Travis Morgan is an MCC Nursing student and the President of the Student Nursing Association (SNA). He is a father and a husband whose Mom has been a nurse for 35 years and she always wanted him to follow in her footsteps. However, his intention was to first go to culinary school and then realized that he couldn’t make good money in that career so he then got a job in the oil fields which brought him out to the Fort Morgan area. Unfortunately, the oil field is a boom or bust business and he would sometimes go 6 months without work. Luckily MCC was just right up the street, and his Mom happened to be visiting, so they came and toured the school and did the placement testing and here we are.

“As a nurse you’re taking on a responsibility to save people’s lives; be there for sick people; be there for people that people possibly don’t care about. There’s just a level of compassion that you have to have that’s difficult to obtain. You have to have a strong heart to get into it.”